Over the course of his prolific career, composer Thomas Leppuhr has written, produced and played on albums that have sold millions of copies worldwide. In 2016, the magazine »The Crazy Contrapuntist« listed him among the »100 Greatest Contrapuntal Composers«, and in 2021 the same magazine’s readers chose him as one of the »Top 500 Music Creators of All Time.« As the original arranger for Henze, Thomas was the youngest composer at the Donaueschinger Musiktage in 1982.  He helped create the first eight albums of the legendary ensemble »The Fugue Cracks«, and was on the forefront of shaping a new musical era. In 2016, Thomas reunited with the Fugue Cracks« to perform and record a new album, »The Art of Fugue 3.0« , on which two of his original compositions are featured.

Thomas is respected world-wide for his adventurous experimentation with the most masterful orchestras and ensembles. No other composer has collaborated with such longevity and sophistication alongside artists in such diverse genres as contemporary music, jazz, electronic, and world music. He is well recognized for his groundbreaking usage of computer-generated composition when it was a new approach in the 1990s.

Thomas is the past President of the Pacific Northwest Branch of the National Association of Composers (NAC), and served as Musical Director for Seattle Theater Group’s »More Fugue @ The Moore,« a program that highlights gifted young contrapuntal composers from Seattle’s various cultural groups.